Nude No. 2 Earring | Large by Knobbly Studio

Nude No. 2 Earring | Large by Knobbly Studio

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Earing by Knobbly Studio, the earring is made in collaboration with photographer & handpoke tattoo artist Laurie Frank.

Featuring a curvaceous form inspired by a single-line drawing.

This earring is sold as a single piece, if you like a pair please choose 2.

Hand-formed of gold filled wire.

Hangs on a gold filled ball+post with friction closure.

7.5 cm long.


About Knobbly Studio:

Gittit Szwarc is the Deisgner behind Knobbly Studio.

"The aspect that drives my interest in jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form. When creating a new piece I try to ask, what will it look like to someone looking at the wearer from an angle? How will it move when she moves? How does it relate to the natural lines of her face, collarbone, torso?"

Her light-filled studio is located in the Noga district in Jaffa, Israel. All items are handmade in the studio by her team from

locally sourced materials.


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