Moon Stars Boots/ Silver

Moon Stars Boots/ Silver

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NINE TO FIVE x BLACK VELVET CIRCUS have teamed up to create these beautiful boots inspired by the lunar cycle and it's magic energy. The boots are the must have for fashionistas with an open heart for the environment.

Let's tune in with the moon and get the party started.

The boots are handcrafted in Europe using high quality salmon skin leather.

The fish leather produced at Atlantic Leather is environmentally friendly, in two different ways: it is a by-product of the fisheries industry, utilising raw material that would not otherwise be used; and the production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.

  • Absatzhöhe: 3 cm – Schafthöhe: 11 cm
  • abgerundete, spitze Kappe
  • angeschrägter Blockabsatz in schwarz
  • seitlicher Metall-Reissverschluss mit Ledertroddel
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